Osborn School District Educational Foundation 2022 Fundraising Plan

OSDEF is an avid supporter of education in the Osborn School District!

We provide direct funds to teachers, principals, and the superintendent every year. These funds are given directly to classrooms via our three signature programs: KidsRead, Teacher Mini-Grants, and After-school Sports Programming. Additional funding is made available through our Request for Funding Program (RFF).  

  • KidsRead puts books in the hands of 3rd graders for home libraries

  • Teacher Mini-Grants award up to $300 for innovative classroom projects for students

  • After-School Sports Programming—self explanatory

  • Requests for Funding are awarded for innovative teacher, grade level, school level or district level programs in amounts in excess of $300 with no top cap

In order for OSDEF to raise funds, we host a variety of events and drives. 

This year we plan to: 

  • Host our first annual Happy Hour at OHSO Brewery and Distillery at the 4900 E. Indian School location in the Spring of 2022

  • Unveil a new award: OSDEF’s Recognition of Outstanding Service in the Spring of 2022

  • AND we are proud to host our annual Teacher of the Year (TOY) award again in the Fall of 2022*. 

*We were unable to provide this our Fifth Annual Teacher of the Year celebration last year due to COVID so we are excited to be back!


Who We Are

Here at Osborn School District Educational Foundation, our mission is to encourage innovation, promote healthy campuses and support creative experiences in and out of the Osborn School District classroom.  Osborn School District Educational Foundation provides support and funding to supplement traditional funding sources to ensure that all Osborn students have a comprehensive educational experience regardless of their socioeconomic status.

Chalkboard with Different Languages

Ways We Help

Meaningful Work. Unforgettable Experiences.

School Building
Teacher Helping Student Playing Violin


Supporting The Superintendent and Principals

Via this initiative, we are able to support goals and directions of the administration of the district as a whole, and to each individual school

Educational Staff

Classroom Level Initiatives

Through our engaging semiannual grant opportunities to teachers we are able to lend support to innovative programs that individual teachers are working to implement in their classes.

High Fives

"When you choose to give up your time and resources to participate in community work, that is what makes a leader."

Dolores Huerta